MeOnCloud extension for vRealize

MeOnCloud plugin for
vRealize - Send Alerts and Notifications from VMware to mobiles

MeOnCloud extension for vRealize is a specific vertical capability supported with-in it to capture and publish vRealize alerts to MeOnCloud mobile users in a secure and reliable fashion. It takes a few simple self-service steps to set-up and start using this service.

Now configure in minutes and send critical alerts and notifications from your VM to mobile smart phone. Configure groups and manage groups with ease to which messages needs to be sent.

  • 1First one needs to create a vRealize account with-in MeOnCloud and activate the same through the activation link sent to your email id.
  • 2Then download MeOnCloud from AppStore or PlayStore and register the app against your mobile number
  • 3Then one needs to log into MeOnCloud using the credentials provided during registration and follow a few simple steps to configure users, groups and instances on MeOnCloud web console.
  • 4The last step would be to register with-in vRealize Operations Manager the URL provided during the instance creation (with-in MeOnCloud) in the earlier step. Then configure with-in vRealize the alerts, notification & messages one needs to stream to MeOnCloud.
    Please filter out critical messages and send the same to MeOnCloud, otherwise one might get overwhelmed with the volume of messages received on the mobile device.