MeOnCloud for Travel, Airlines & Transportation

Travel, Airline & Transportation are a subset of the services industry.

By this very classification these players should strive for high degree of customer delight and satisfaction. A positive first step would be to communicate with their customers in a much more personal manner so that they can win their trust and delight. For example what if a message can be sent to the passenger as soon as they have boarded the aircraft on the facilities available on the flight, the menu on offer, entertainment channels available on the flight and so on. This is one industry which has for decades used the load speaker (PR Systems) and instruction cards to communicate with their customers. Of course mobile phones needs to be shutdown after boarding, but there is a small window of opportunity to communicate these messages to the passenger. Today Wifi/internet access is permitted in aircrafts. There are numerous use cases through which this industry can delight their customer and win their trust.

Right information at the right time is the essence of all positive customer experience. Even if the information is negative in nature (like a flight delay notification), the very presence of the communication wins the trust of your customer/passenger. No information at times turns off your customer even after a pretty pleasant travel experience

MeOnCloud with its A2P messaging capabilities and ability to communicate ‘Rich-Text with images’ can go a long way in achieving customer delight for this industry. Some of the scenarios MeOnCloud can be used by the travel industry

  • All notification with regards to events that have been triggered like booking confirmation, travel date remainder, baggage collection carousel number, etc.
  • Information on onward arrangements like taxi, rental car booking confirmation, etc.
  • Once the customer has registered/subscribed to the travel (airlines) entity, they have a huge opportunity to market and promote future offerings to their customers.
  • Customer support can be offered through this channel
  • Payments and transaction can be handled through this channel
  • This channel can also be used to up-sell (upgrades, etc) services
  • Even booking of services (using commands) can be handled through this channel
  • Simple enquiries like ticket status, aircraft gate number, etc can be made through commands on this channel.

Our prediction is that requirement for instant information notification will grow multi-folds in the coming decade for the travel industry. And traditional channels like ‘SMS’ and Email are not the solution as they are already losing out to instant messengers. MeOnCloud is a great platform to enable bidirectional structured communication.