Messenger for Logistics

This is one industry which is holding back on the quantum of messages they would ideally want to communicate with their customer and within, but is restraining itself. A typical example of restrained communication is exemplified in the case of courier companies. We get messaged when a package is despatched and when a package is delivered. Any event in between we are expected to go to their website and track it for ourselves. More often than not we are on the move and have no clue when the important package we are expecting will arrive and are frantically tracking the delivery. More granular messaging would have gone a long way in planning our day.

Logistics in an enterprise involves movement of physical items which requires information flow between material handling, production, packaging, inventory, transportation, warehousing and security. People within the enterprise need to be notified at various stages on task completion, exceptions or violations if any.

Logistics outside of an enterprise involves moving an item from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ with notification sent to people at every tracking point.

Instant notification and information flow is very crucial to logistics. Most of this information gets generated from backend systems. Today predominately ‘SMS’ is used as the channel for this communication. MeOnCloud can enable this communication in a very efficient, very interesting (RichText with images, links and attachments) and cost effective manner Instant notification and information flow is very crucial to logistics. Most of this information gets generated from backend systems.

Here are some of the scenarios where explosion of notification will happen

  • When a truck reaches its destination with a critical consignment, may be a host of people needs to be notified simultaneously as against a relay mechanism (first person notifies the second person and so on) of notification.
  • ERP systems identify reorder levels and various event with respect to material movement within an organization. These events currently reside in the system, these events needs to be notified to all concerned people the moment the alerts are raised.
  • Every tracking point of a consignment could be notified to the vested people.
  • Events like unusual movement of vehicles, vehicles drifting away from planned route can be notified.
  • In general there are tons of events that are raised in SCM & ERP systems. An SCM & ERP systems are usually a collection of cascading processes and events. There is a huge opportunity to notify these events instantly to all stake holders.

MeOnCloud not only supports simple messaging, it also supports and provides the capability for structured response. Buttons can be attached to messages providing the ability to respond to messages. MeOnCloud also provides support for “commands” in messages which can trigger transactions. MeOnCloud is also linked with a built in “workflow engine” which enables it to trap events and propagate events

MeOnCloud is secure, highly reliable, scalable, and simple to use with feature sets which meets all the needs of the modern day customer and employees on the move. It is available on the cloud (SaaS) or as an on-premise license model. Organizations can benefit immensely from different facets (messaging, transactions, task and event notification, customer support) offered by MeOnCloud.