Messenger for Hospitality Industry

Hospitality industry is a subset of services within the “service industry” category which includes boarding & lodging, event planning, theme parks, transportation, cruise line, restaurants, hotels & resorts, clubs, tour operators, travel agents, booking portals and so on.

They fall under 3 major categories Food & Beverages, Accommodation, Travel & Tourism. One under lying theme for this industry segment is “Service”. How can one serve their customer in a nimble, responsive and proactive manner? Messaging becomes one of the handy modern day tool to achieve customer delight. Customer expectation are es- pecially high in this industry segment and they expect to be kept informed all the time every time.

MeOnCloud is here to help you along the way in keeping your customers happy. NextGen travellers prefer getting their work done or availing their services through messaging than using the phone (Voice Calls). Here are some of the nimble footed modern day use-cases

  • What if one can express his or her intent to dine at a restaurant and immediately is able receive coupons and specials for the day?
  • What if one can request a fresh towel delivered to his or her room by sending a message to housekeeping?
  • What if one can state his or her intent to travel to a particular destination and receive specials and offers from hotels in that region?
  • What if one can check in and check out through messaging?
  • What if one can pay their bills from their mobile phone through messaging?
  • What if one can reserve a restaurant table through messaging?

The use-cases are unlimited. Here are some of the salient features of MeOnCloud which makes all of this a reality

  • Messages can be in “Rich Text” format as well as can have images and video links attached.
  • Most important of all MeOnCloud messages can have optionally “programmable transaction buttons” embedded in them which can be used to elicit response to the messages. The buttons could be in the nature of “confirm”, “pay”, “like”, “contact me”, voting, etc.
  • MeOnCloud also supports commands as messages, for example “&BAL” could fetch your account balance as a response message.
  • MeOnCloud also supports protected messages which can only be viewed with a password.

Marketing in the Hospitality industry is all about constantly being in touch with their customers and listening constantly for their intents, here is where MeOnCloud can help you

  • Once an active following is built for your organization, MeOnCloud helps you establish a one on one channel with your customer so that you will be the first to know his or her intent.
  • You can constantly publish specials and promotions to your active followers.
  • MeOnCloud can be used as a lead generation tool with its ability to embed buttons into messages.

MeOnCloud is secure, highly reliable, scalable and simple to use with feature sets which meets all the needs of the modern day customer on the move. It is available on the cloud (SaaS) or as an on-premise license model. Organizations can benefit immensely from different facets (messaging, transactions, marketing, lead generation, customer support) offered by MeOnCloud.