Messenger for Health Care

Healthcare is a service industry which can benefit from granular A2P messaging app in a big way. Patients today are wanting to be notified (and approval obtained) for every event that occurs within the healthcare ecosystem on their behalf. This could be a doctor’s appointment, lab test result getting ready, a medicine ordered on their behalf, etc. Apart from this a healthcare institution by itself needs structured and unstructured messaging between their various departments to enable smooth operations. As well healthcare institutions also needs to be in touch with their patients after they are discharged, it could be requesting them to come back for a check-up, sharing information on an advisory from the government, sharing information on new treatment options that has been made available recently and so on.

  • Bed side support requests
  • Approvals from health insurance organization if required
  • Nightly billing information
  • Emergency notification and contact
  • Patient and insurance provider approval for treatment option
  • Appointment confirmation and remainders
  • Lab test result notification
  • Doctor’s approval for treatments (if required)
  • Emergency medicine prescription (Doctor)
  • Final Bill settlement and Payment from mobile

MeOnCloud could be the answer to all of these messaging requirements, it allows for initiation of a request or a transaction in an agile fashion from the back-office (Healthcare Provider) as against the traditional paradigm of login (patient) and initiate or approve. All of the work can be accomplished from the mobile phone messenger without having to use complex user interfaces. Here are some of the use-cases messaging can be used within a health care facility