MeOnCloud for Government

Governments across the globe are wanting to communicate ever more with their citizens.

Apart from communicating policies, advisories and procedures they are also wanting to communicate events that are generated on behalf of the citizens.Like for instance what is happening to the recent application or request the citizen has submitted. In the endeavour of transparency they also want to increase the granularity of communication like communicating the status at the internal gating stages the citizen’s request or application goes through. Such structured and objective communication is expected to increase efficiency and reduce bureaucratic bottlenecks leading to citizen delight.

Due to the sheer volume of communication and the resultant cost (SMS) that needs to be incurred by the exchequer, governments are holding back on the granularity of communication with their citizens. MeOnCloud makes it easy on the governments to communicate freely with their citizens.

“ MeOnCloud can be used by governments for and but not limited to ""

Health advisories
Extreme Weather Information
Land Tax, Property Tax, WaterTax, etc advise and collection
Utility Bill Presentment & Payment
Status update on citizen requests
Notify events like exam schedules, results, etc
Citizen grievance cell
Simple citizen feedback channel