MeOnCloud for E-Commerce and retail industry

Mobile is slowly becoming the primary computing terminal of access for E-Commerce companies.

To an extent that many E-Commerce vendors are contemplating moving away from webpage (desktop/laptop) experience for their respective E-Commerce sites and relying primarily on mobile applications (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BB). When it comes to mobile applications, in today’s world an embedded messenger is a non- negotiable. The embedded messenger also adds an “always ON” attribute/capability to the E-Commerce mobile application.

It is becoming a necessity based on today’s user behaviour with the mobile apps, that every transactional application out there should have a messenger layer which is “always ON”, which can be used to trigger an interest with the customer to access the mobile application and experience the same. The trigger could be some promotional message or an interesting snippet which could prompt the customer to use the application. This is becoming synonymous to people holding placards, screaming or waving at flea-markets or farmers-market encouraging you to come visit their stall. Or, this could be viewed as a poor man’s online advertising.

MeOnCloud can bring this critical messenger capability to any E-Commerce mobile application with its ability to be embedded within other mobile applications.

E-Commerce sites can leverage MeOnCloud in the following ways

  • As a customer support channel
  • As a coupon distribution and promotional channel
  • As a merchandise marketing and education channel
  • As a fulfilment channel(payments, order processing status intimation, dispatch notification, tracking, etc)
  • As a “always ON” messenger to trigger user interest to use the E-Commerce application
  • As a lead generation channel
  • As an interactive transactional channel
  • As a simple ‘A2P’ messenger used as an alternative to ‘SMS” channel

MeOnCloud makes possible more granular relevant information sharing through messaging, more granular relevant information sharing with customers leads to

Higher customer satisfaction
Customer intimacy with the E-Commerce portal
Higher customer trust factor with the vendor customer satisfaction
Creates an overall perception of professionalism about the organization/vendor

MeOnCloud is secure, highly reliable, scalable and simple to use with feature sets which meets all the needs of the modern day customer on the move. It is available on the cloud (SaaS) or as an on-premise license model. Organizations can benefit immensely from different facets (messaging, transactions, marketing, lead generation, customer support) offered by MeOnCloud.