Frequently Asked Questions

MeOnCloud is an actionable instant messaging (AIM) platform that can be integrated with or embedded in to existing IT applications. AIM extends the user interface of the enterprise application to the IM window and allows two way user interaction. It has capabilities like Loaded Buttons, Dynamic Form shipping and Configurable workflows.

MeOnCloud is not a P2P (people to people) messenger or a collaboration tool. It is primarily a A2P (Application to People) and P2A (People to Application) two way user interaction solution. The consumption models and pricing models are very flexible and hence can be customized to suit each requirement.

No. White labelled on premise implementations are also offered.

MeOnCloud front end is available as a stand-alone mobile app that can be integrated with your existing IT system. It is also available as a widget that can be embedded in your existing mobile app. MeOnCloud back end can be hosted either on-premise or on the Cloud, and then integrated with your existing back end system.

MeOnCloud can be embedded or integrated within 2-3 days. More complex implementations may take up to a week or 10 days.

Yes, For end user customers / enterprises, Appiyo offers complete integration, implementation and support services either directly or through its channel partners. ISV’s who want to bring AIM capability to their existing / new products, can license the product and make use of our product support services.

AIM can be incorporated in to any enterprise application across verticals and industries (example Hospital Management System, BFSI Application, HRMS, CRM, Marketing Compaign Management etc). Compared to other forms of user interaction such as Mobile Apps and Web Forms, AIM increases the immediacy, user responsiveness and engagement.

Yes, but if your application just needs one way notification and your volumes are very low, SMS might still be a good solution. Whereas, AIM is bi-directional, is part of a mobile app. and is actionable with buttons and forms.

You can purchase a product license and implement it for your requirement. (Pay-per-server-socket). Or you can integrate with our Cloud hosted version and pay monthly (post-paid) based on actual usage. (Pay per message or Pay per Action)