Developer Resource For Actionable Instant Messenger

MeOnCloud is a developer friendly enterprise instant messaging platform

it supports rich set of REST APIs to access all available features from external applications. One can send messages, manage groups, define message templates, configure command execution logic and do much more using these APIs. These APIs are simple to understand and secure to use, and are accessible on the cloud once enterprise registration process is complete.

MeOnCloud is tightly integrated with a BPMN compliant workflow engine ( which can be used by developers to configure custom logics for commands and buttons. The workflow engine can also be used as an integration layer to seamlessly integrate MeOnCloud capabilities with enterprise systems. Thus MeOnCloud can integrate bi-directionally with enterprise systems. Enterprise systems can call MeOnCloud APIs to send messages to mobile devices as well as MeOnCloud can access enterprise systems through Appiyo workflows.


Messages can be sent from the desktop, using Enterprise login. Multiple users can concurrently login.


MOC APIs can be used in apps. In order to interact with MeOnCloud and execute your business requirements, you may consume the powerful, simple REST APIs that we provide.



Appiyo workflows can be used to detect events(triggers) and propagate messages to MeOnCloud.